5" Lilith Spike

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Curvy as Hell with a bite to match.  




  • LWH 5"x.75"x0.25"
  • Rounded contours
  • Hand Finished
  • Hand Stamped
  • Pointy
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    5" A2 Lilith Spike, is it the perfect marlin spike?

    Posted by Alex "chief" Rodriguez on Nov 21st 2022

    Lets start by saying that this is a great idea! The spike with that amazing sheath is a great combo... And as a sailor this will be joined with my belt knife (due to the sheath design) and will be on my belt at all times while sailing the ol' Turning Point. The spike can also turn shackle pins as well as just be there to pry what needs prying, all things you should NEVER do to your knife. Awsome design Zack, thanks!!!