ZWT A.P.B. Pocket Pry

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 If you are looking for a quality pocket pry bar that doesn't break the bank, or something to EDC while your investment quality pieces stay warm and safe in their display case, this little beast fits the bill!

Dubbed the A.P.B. or "All Purpose Bar" is Made from high quality AEB-L Stainless Steel for ease of care and heat treated to to be hard and tough. These finger ticklers have been put through the paces and are guaranteed to serve you well!

We designed them to have a standard 3 hole pocket clip which is popular on several models of Benchmade and Emerson pocket knives. It allows for more flexibility in aftermarket clip options for customization.

  • Standard 3 hole titanium pocket clip
  • Built In 1/4" hex
  • Built In O2 bottle wrench
  • Tumble Finish


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6.00 Ounces


5 based on 2 reviews.
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Written by Shane on Dec 18th 2020

Reasonably priced AND indestructible!! That hex grabs bits just right. This thing is awesome!

A.P.B. is A.OK!
Written by Eric on Jun 8th 2020

I've been carrying one of Zachs A2 6" bars for the better part of 5 years now, and I've been looking for a backup/secondary to have in my backpack and this seemed like a perfect fit. I've found having a prybar in my EDC extremely useful and versatile. My one and only gripe is that the standard 3 hole pocket clip doesnt offer the same retention as the thick titanium clip on my older pry. If I was to EDC this APB I, personally, would look for a different, stronger pocket clip.

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