Santoku Culinary Battle Tool Edge Guard

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***** ATTENTION *****

This item has been suspended indefinitely due to reports of improper fit that can result in a jam and or catastrophic failure resulting in injury.  If you have ordered one of these edge guards, and are experiencing any difficulty inserting or removing your Santoku Culinary Battle Tool, please discontinue use of the edge guard and contact us at the link below with your information, order number, and a brief description of the issue you are experiencing.    

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Custom designed to be the perfect compliment to your 4" Santoku Culinary Battle Tool.  This beautiful edge guard will keep your ZWT sharp safe while stored in a drawer or being transported to your next adventure in food!  


  • Recessed ZWT Logo
  • One Thumb Release Retention Clip
  • 3D printed 
  • Made to order via our Shapeways Store
  • Design by Shane Hyem, one of our awesome customers


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ZW Tools Shapeways Store
1.50 Ounces


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