Black Zirconium ZW "Biner" 2.0

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Version 2.0 of the ZW "Biener" is Back in BLACK ZIRCONIUM.  Zach took your feedback and made adjustments to the geometry to allow for easier use and increased functionality!  To up the ante on cool factor, he's gone the extra mile by putting these little sweeties to the torch which creates a tough black oxide layer giving that sexy pleasure to your digits and your eyes.

Features include being more cool than a cucumber, a titanium gate, built in bottle opener, and 1/4" hex!


ZW Carabieners are not intended for use as a fall protection device.  Not for climbing.  Not for Death Prevention.  Not intended as a safety device.

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4.50 Ounces
Lifetime Warranty ZW Carabieners are not intended for use as life protecting or life saving equipment


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