A2 Steel Pen Pocket Prybar

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The Pen Pocket Prybar is a great companion for small carry. Don't be fooled by it's size though. Being constructed of A2 tool steel it is mighty tough. Measuring 3/16" thick, 3/8" wide and roughly 4.5" long it is the perfect size for tight places.

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This prybar is for the Gods
Written by Rob on Jan 25th 2019

Lightweight, anonymous, and as strong as the Incredible Hulk! This prybar sits neatly in my dress shirt pocket at the office, and is used daily. Perfect for dismantling keyboards, pulling out staples, seperating metal desks, tuning carburetors, pulling apart engines; ANYTHING you can think of. It will take a pounding from a hammer and ask for more with barely a scratch shown. If it is too short for the job, put a pipe on the end of it as a cheater bar. It is short enough that it won’t bend, and strong enough for any abuse!

A2 Pen Pocket Prybar
Written by Eric on Jan 11th 2019

Another great EDC prybar from Zach. The size is perfect for many tasks. I also like prybars in this length range, especially for the small to medium jobs.

Zw rocks!!!
Written by Anders Kvammen on Apr 24th 2018

The best tools out there!! I treasure them dearly

Big Pry Performance in Small Pry Package
Written by Scott on Mar 14th 2018

Extremely handy and compact. Fits nicely into a shirt pocket or into the pen/pencil slots in your bag.

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