Pen Pry - 6AL-4V Titanium


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The finely crafted 6AL-4V Titanium pen pry is everyone's best friend.  This little wonder of modern metallurgy is light as a feather, and fits just about anywhere.  Great for the home of office, once you've got one, you won't know how you lived this long with out it.  



  • 6AL-4V Titanium
  • Signature Zach Wood Pry tip
  • 3 hole stainless steel pocket clip
  • Hand Stamped
  • Hand ground
  • 0.125" full length Fuller
  • Tumble finish
  • LWT 4.5"x.375"x0.1875"
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Release Date
4.50 Ounces
Limited Lifetime Repair or Replace


5 based on 4 reviews.
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Exactly what I was looking for!
Written by Bobby on Mar 5th 2022

I have been trying to carry a lynch pry bar but couldn’t find myself liking it much. The pen pry fits my needs perfectly. Now I’ll never be tempted to pry anything with a knife again.

Pen Pry
Written by Darren Jones on Dec 12th 2021

I crave a minimalist, simple pry tool minus the added bottle opener feature, (that’s what the pry end is for), and this tool is what I was looking for. The craftsmanship and finish on this piece is stellar, I find myself admiring it often, even when I’m not taking it out of my pocket to use, I’ll just take it out and appreciate it! Thank you for my new companion!

Great pry
Written by Harl Asaff on Dec 17th 2019

I have several ZW prybars and this is my new favorite. The smaller size is so much easier to carry and it so light you don't notice it at all. It is still amazingly strong and does everything I need to do. I mostly carry a pry to save my knives from getting beat up doing non-knifey things and this is perfect.

Strike plate ti pen pry
Written by Dave on Apr 4th 2019

This little pry bar is such an awesome addition to any edc. It is very capable and takes up almost no space in the pocket. Thanks Zach !

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